Sash Renovation Systems will help you select the right service for your windows,from renovating your old sash windows to fitting them with draught proofing insulation.

We can offer you the following services:

  • Draught Proofing
  • New Single and Double Glazed Timber Sashes installed
  • Security Locks fitted
  • Sash Cords replaced
  • Replacement Glass fitted
  • Spring Tension Spiral Balances
  • Painting and Decorating (inside and out)
  • Hardwood Sills replaced
  • Static windows sealed
  • Catches, Handles and Sash Lifts fitted
Diagram of sash window

A - Sash box
B - Parting bead
C - Sash cord
D - Vent lock
E - Catch lock
F - Glazing bar
G - Staff bead

H - Lower sash
I - Sill
J - Weight Counter
K - Wag tail
L - Pulley
M - Upper sash
Sash Renovation Systems restores box sash windows by offering various services from renovation to decorating. We can restore the windows to the original state and include a Draught proofing system which will reduce draughts and noise pollution by up to 95%.

The Draught proofing system can be installed without losing any of the windows original characteristics.